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PanamaThe Republic of Panama is located between Costa Rica in Central America and Colombia in South America, and its coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Its capital, Panama City, is located on the Pacific coast at the entrance of the Panama Canal. Panama was a Spanish colony until 1821. In 1903 he broke an alliance with Colombia and became an independent republic. The population of Panama is approximately 2.4 million inhabitants, 700,000 of them live in Panama City.

The main features of an offshore company in Panama:

Company Type: Sociedade Anónima S.A.
Supervisory Authority: The Supreme Court of Justice acts as the supervisory authority and the companies are regulated under Law 32 of 1927.
Information published on the leaders of the company: the name appears in the register of directors but not shareholders. To prevent the customer's name appears on the register, it is possible to use a nominee director service.
Panama offers a high level of anonymity and respect privacy.
No requirement accounting / reporting.
No taxes of any nature whatsoever on offshore companies.
Modern offshore legislation.
Panama is an offshore center independent.
Panama has a registry quickly and efficiently.
The offshore work can be conducted internationally.
The jurisdiction of Panama is stable with a very good reputation.
The means of communication there are modern.
Global practice time: GMT-5.
Renewal fee and establishment of offshore companies and international low fixed for life.
No requirement of PUC.
According to civil law.
Minimum of 3 Director (s) and 1 shareholder (s).
Bearer shares allowed.
Fee £ 990 .- for incorporation in Panama and £ 790 .- per year.