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Offshore Debit Card

£ 250,00
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Offshore Debit CardOffshore Debit Card

Finally - a private, anonymous and prepaid foreign debit card

It is particularly difficult for those who work with the ecurrencies and other outside-the-box payment transfer systems to find a reliable private offshore debit card that is safe and will not be shut down. In the past you have seen operators in Canada and some other easily vulnerable areas of the world offer a foreign or anonymous debit card only to be shut down by powerful forces who are seeking to strip freedom and privacy from law abiding citizens.

Our offshore debit cards are not only linked to a very private bank which is in a very private jurisdiction, but the facilitator is also safely overseas and not in one of the vulnerable countries which has been the achilles heel of other providers in the past. This two-pronged measure of offshore privacy assures you that this anonymous and foreign debit card remains securely available to you for a long time. Stay away from cards that don't have our two safety features.

details of private, foreign, anonymous offshore debit cards:

•These prepaid VISA ATM cards can be used at most ATMs worldwide.

•It can be used to withdraw cash as well as for purchase at shops, service stations, restaurants and other places.

•Cardholder's name does not appear on the foreign debit card. Copy of a photo ID must be provided on a website upload when ordering the card.

•The cards may not have expiry date but ask us about this for current policies.

•Daily withdrawal limit - $1,000.00.

Fees and Charges:

•ATM transactions: $3.00

•ATM declines: $.75

•POS and Internet transactions: $1.00

•Funding from efunds, the fee 5% (fund it via any ecurrency) or by wire or other means.

•Monthly foreign offshore debit card fee: $4.95

•Lost or stolen anonymous private card (or PIN) replacement fee: $50 or more.

.The cost for each foreign and anonymous offshore debit card is a low 250 £. but add an extra £50 if you want shipping via Fedex.