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If you are a retailer in Europe and if you use a tool of payment by credit card (known as Electronic Payment Terminal POS) - or if you are doing business on the Internet and want to redeem your credit card transactions, we can offer a simple and extremely efficient, allowing you to enjoy the Internet without borders and a perfectly secure, confidential and economical

This contract is only for European Business - our team can handle the entire procedure without you having to move.

Two Swiss banks and European involved in this concept:

Bank first opened a bank account in the name of your company (account E-Merchant) and the second Bank offers a Sale Agreement for Distance VAD (or Merchant Account) with the aim to cash Visa and Mastercard, for to your corporate account and repay the funds received on account of your E-Marchand Company.

A third partner company, with a platform suitable technique, offers a TPE virtual automatic transfer payments to your Merchant Account - leaving no trace of the place of payment.

The transactions are exclusively in EURO and the funds received are covered by confidentiality in setting up operations - absolute security (secure Internet interface, transaction history, reimbursement management ...) and Swiss bank secrecy allows confidentiality.

This concept has a cost (implementation, transaction costs on ...) but it remains marginal compared to the savings made.

A contract allows the VAD International Trader online or in store, to receive part or all of its sales paid by credit card, without a trace - on a professional Swiss bank account opened by us, which receives bank secrecy constitutional.

This concept may also be useful for traders who do not have a website and wish to reduce their tax burden and social. We can intervene to adapt one of our best solutions - application information

WARNING - You must declare this business bank account opened abroad to your tax authorities. If you do not do it and if she finds out (despite the absolute bank secrecy in Switzerland) you may be sanctioned for tax purposes.

This solution is aimed particularly at those who are struggling to get their contract VAD French Bank or those who want to diversify their holdings and not to put "all their eggs in one basket" ...