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Today, Gibraltar has an economy based on the services sector, dominated by financial services and tourism.

A number of British and international banks have branches in Gibraltar. Gibraltar has become a center of international finance.

There is no income tax. Recently, many bookmakers and online gambling operators have moved their headquarters in Gibraltar, to benefit from favorable tax legislation on companies.

Capital: No minimum capital Taxes / Tax No tax on corporations.

No estate duty on shares held by non residents. Anonymity can, He will use a Nominee Director. Additional optional services.

This ensures a level of anonymity to register public.The bearer guarantee the anonymity of shareholders. Accounting: Accounting is not required.


Gibraltar is the destination for call centers, companies outsourcing, subcontracting and other computing tasks and telecom services company relocated. Gibraltar is also the ideal solution for import-export operations, Consulting particular from the Maghreb, Africa and imports passing through Europe.

The position of Gibraltar in southern Spain but not present in the Europe Agreements for the exchange of goods and promote fiscal conditions dessociétés English, in perfect agreement with British law that allows local companies (UK) by a corporation wholly owned Gibraltar to back up to 95% of the profits made to the parent company based in Gibraltar.

ll need to use a nominee director who can provide anonymity at the Public Registry. (Optional).

Bearer shares guaranteeing the anonymity of shareholders.

Renewal fees from 2nd year 1800 €.