Establishment of foreign Companies


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Seychelles Offshore Company Formation from £ 1200

We provide offshore company registration services and all support required to operate and maintain Seychelles offshore companies. Our clients are other offshore company agents, tax consultants, accountants and attorneys, worldwide. The highest degree of competence and confidentiality is ensured.

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Sechelles Formation Costs

Support Services Include…

  • Provision of the Registered Address
  • Registered Agent
  • Assistance with special licensing applications
  • Provision of company management and administration services
  • Provision of nominee Shareholders and Directors
  • Bank account introductions
  • Mail forwarding and virtual office
  • Custody of documents
  • Preparation of corporate documentation
  • Secretarial services
  • Other support services
Seychelles Special License Company (CSL)
  • A Seychelles CSL is considered to be taxed resident in Seychelles and therefore subject to a special rate corporate tax of just 1.5% on its worldwide income, but is exempt from any witholding taxes on dividends, interest and royalties, and from stamp duties on any property or share transfers and transactions.
  • However, the advantage of a CSL is that it can be used to take advantage of Seychelles double taxation treaties (unlike a Seychelles IBC).
  • Seychelles Double taxation treaties currently include
Great Britain:

The UK is currently the # 1 choice for foreign investors wishing to settle in Europe. At this there was very many reasons:


The corporate tax among the lowest in Europe with 21% tax on corporate profits. But that's not all tax provisions allow companies whose business is located outside British territory to maximize the tax rate as low as 7% or 5% in some cases. It should be noted that there are no other taxes other than corporation tax.

On the other hand, holding companies and holding companies will enjoy significant benefits: Under the European directive on the taxation of companies 'Mothers / daughters' dividends by the subsidiaries are fully exempted European taxation it goes on even capital gains. On the other hand, there is no tax or withholding tax on dividends distributed to non-residents, whether natural or legal persons. Finally, Britain is the country in the world that has the largest number of international tax treaties. For all these reasons the UK is the number 1 choice location for holding companies.


Payroll taxes are among the lowest in Europe, with approximately 20% of payroll and employer. On the other hand, labor law greatly favors the mobility to achieve full employment by making rules simple and flexible hiring and firing. On the other hand, for non-resident employees Brits not working in Britain, it is noted that payroll taxes are not applicable. Finally, for the Directors and officers nonresidents, payroll taxes are not applicable, the salary is paid in this case "net" of all charges and taxation in Britain.


Liability: The liability of a Limited or LLP is actually limited to capital

Capital: Capital Limited is a £ 1,000 minimum, with the obligation to release at least 2 Books (3 euros), which is used to declare an important asset without having to fully pay.

Shareholding: For a Limited one shareholder is sufficient.

The object: All non-regulated or prohibited may be freely exercised without having to amend the articles or perform administrative declarations.

Rapidity of establishment: Build a simple and rapid Limited is without having to move, without advertising. In urgent cases a company may be registered in the same day, without requiring the presence of people.

Privacy: Britain recognizes the legal concept of nominee or nominee, which means that a company can be owned and directed either through a director nominee or through another corporation. These devices ensure the anonymity of the beneficiaries and leaders