MCE GROUP Offshore Incorporation Entreprises Etrangeres


Every day is transferred to the customer's account 1/30th of 1% and the balance to go to 3%, the 8th of each month.
No entry fee or exit!
Minimum: € 20 000

The company exists since 1998 and operates between 200 and 250 million Euros.
The client's capital is locked in a custody (BENSON) ditto the cash deposits in France (second world).

the BROKER (third world) through which all orders

The customer to an account with FW300 with internet access to monitor their account on a daily basis with a credit card that allows anonymous use (after transfer to this account) € 10,000 per day

With the client's capital blocked in BENSON, the companies may raise capital now 5 times (at the beginning she could lift once and then 2 and so on) and trading with.

Every day the accounts are cleared and traders can not lose more than 1.5% if all the screens go out for the day (coverage of 1.5% by their own capital).

The team consists of 15 traders and 50 by the end of the year with an opening next to a room in Monaco.
The market hall with its traders in Paris and no startup partnership can not be done without visiting the room and the meeting with the CEO, the Sales Manager and responsible for the room. The initial training is made ​​mandatory by them.

You will have an offshore account with credit card anonymous

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