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Offshore accountMCE GROUP has obtained through its subsidiary FINOR a license to open offshore accounts around the world.

What you need to remember:

1 - The accounts are multi-currency and allow international customers to receive transfers in different currencies, it allows the customer to make a huge saving on the covers conversion costs of traditional banks.

2 - Our conversion rates are 10 times less expensive than onshore banks such as Barclays, Bank of America, Lloyd ect ...

3 - The accounts are 100% anonymous, only our institution really knows the identity of the customer.

4 - The accounts are not seizable by bailiffs justices since we do not share any customer information. Note that in 2015, the European order for payment will be established and banks in the EU will start to seize accounts, in the same way as do the French banks with a payment order in France.

5 - The accounts are opened in 5 minutes online with very little documentation.

6 - The accounts can be opened without undue minimum capital since the only deposit less 1000 euros. Most offshore banks require a minimum capital of 5 digits or more.

7 - The accounts are not the subject of a "set-up" fee + activation but only activation fee.

8 - The opening of accounts is done without bank reference or notarized documents without the customer's trip.

9 - In general and except in the case of financial fraud, customer information is shared with any authority.
In fact, we are simply the inverse of a current offshore bank which now shares customer information with the authorities of many countries, imposes mandatory taxes according to nationality of the customer requires its customers a huge documentation prior to acceptance of an account, including the famous "bank reference" which clearly indicates the banker "onshore" that his client wants to open an account abroad etc ...

10-No automatic exchange of information not intended OECD from 2015.

Finally, we must have the right information on the new offshore landscape, "offshore banks" as what existed there for several years, no longer exist. Banks Caribbean (St. Vincent, Dominica etc ..) and South America, Panama, for example, all come to incorporate the FATCA and the US have signed an agreement to exchange tax information with many countries including France .
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